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☆★♪ young bloods on fire ♪★☆

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AAA (ATTACK ALL AROUND) fan community
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a community for fans of the avex pop group, aaa

AAA (トリプル・エー/Triple A; short for ATTACK ALL AROUND) is a 7-person (formerly 8) dance and vocal group featuring both male and female members. They debuted in 2005 with the single BLOOD on FIRE, and have released 4 studio albums, 2 remix albums, 4 mini-albums, one cover album, and over 22 singles since. Additionally, all the members have participated in various dramas, movies, and stageplays over the course of their career. They made their debut in the USA on July 20, 2007, with a concert held in the Baltimore Convention Center during Otakon.

西島隆弘 (Nishijima Takahiro): lead male vox., frontman
浦田直也 (Urata Naoya): lead male vox., leader; also a soloist under the name URATA NAOYA
宇野実彩子 (Uno Misako): lead female vox.
日高光啓 (Hidaka Mitsuhiro): rap; also a member of Mother Ninja with motsu (m.o.v.e) and Akico
與真司郎 (Atae Shinjiro): dance, male vox.
末吉秀太 (Sueyoshi Shuta): dance, male vox.
伊藤千晃 (Ito Chiaki): dance, female vox.

former member
後藤友香里 (Goto Yukari): officially left as of June 11, 2007

1/ Play nice.
2/ All large pictures go under LJ-cuts. If you're making a post for graphics (icons/wallpapers/layouts/what have you), up to 5 100x100 icons and 2 thumbnails of wallpapers/layouts will be allowed as examples. This also applies to posts with more than 3 pictures over 250x250 pixels in size.
3/ All downloads must be locked to members-only. For hopefully obvious reasons.
4/ Linking back to outside websites is allowed only once a week!

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