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☆★♪ young bloods on fire ♪★☆
28th-Dec-2016 10:57 pm - Bis Sale :D
Oiii Minna,

I am selling many things on Ebay.


Photoset's, Doujinshi's, Photobook's, DVD's, CD's and Merch.
AAA, Tenimyu, D-Boys, Prince of Tennis, One Piece, Beyblade and more.

Have fun and a happy new Year :D

No longer sold.
Opened and in perfect condition.
Selling for 150$ USD but im very much in need of money right now for hospital bills so i will talk a lower price if needed.
Hello Dear AAA lovers,

Going to see AAA on Friday May 2nd in Nihon Budoukan, is there anybody going too ?

I've been last year to their concert in Yokohama Arena it was so great, and I have the chance to go again this year.
So if you are a lonely fan like me, or go with a group let me know please...

I'm French and speak both English and Japanese^^

Thank you

28th-Dec-2014 01:47 pm - Signal: Luca on Mondays
Hi, I was wondering does anyone know where I can watch or download Nissy's film Signal. I've been looking for ages and have only come across it on viki(I don't have a pass to watch it though) and youtube(but it's not the whole film)
13th-Dec-2014 12:46 pm - Nissy 3rd Single GIFT
anyone already download Nissy newest single?? If anyone already have it can anyone share the link?? Really want that song but can't buy it in Itunes T.T
thank you guys
29th-Nov-2014 05:50 pm - Nissy's Doushiyou Ka
hello, do you know anyone selling Nissy's 1st single? I'm aware that it's no longer being sold in mu-mo shop, but i want to have my own copy :(( too bad i wasn't able to find any seller back then because obviously, i'm an int'l fan. :(
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